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WARNING: phab.mmk2410 will shut down on 2019-03-31

What does that mean?

This means that from 2019-04-01 this Phabricator instance is no longer live or accessible. This includes the tasks, the projects, the repositories and everything else.

On the way to this date, phab.mmk2410 will slowley become read-only. That means you can no longer create tasks or push to repositories.

If your activly working with (parts of) phab.mmk2410 you may receive a personal mail during the next weeks with further instructions.

What is the reason behind this?

I don't use phab.mmk2410 no longer as extensivly as I used to and so it is no longer worth maintaining this infrastructure.

How can I get my data?

Before the shutdown

Before the shutdown only the write access will be limited, but not the read access. So you can export your data with the known tools.

After the shutdown

If you couldn't export your data before the shutdown, contact the administrator. A page with further instructions will be shown here starting 2019-04-01.

Welcome to my personal project management system.

Normally there shouldn't be anything to see for you. If your searching for the issues or wiki pages of my open-source projects: they moved to GitLab. For this migration read more at

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